Teacher Spotlight – Yongsan International School of Seoul, Sylvain Vachon- French

27 Apr 2015
by evan

We’re pleased to launch “Colango teacher spotlight,” a new blog series that features a Colango teacher! If you are interested in being featured, please send a note to contact@colango.com.

I’d like to introduce Sylvain Vachon! Sylvain is a High School French teacher at Yongsan International School in Seoul, South KR.

Why did you start using Colango?

It allowed me to make my course portable, and it allowed my students to record themselves speaking the language outside of class. Colango’s recording app is far superior to anything I was using on our current LMS.

Tell us how you integrated Colango into your classroom. Are there any interesting projects or examples you’d like to share?

My flipped classroom is designed to have students listen and speak French both in class and at home. I’ve uploaded several recordings that prompted students to speak by either repeating what they’ve heard, or to respond to questions in the recording. I can then listen to how well they’ve understood their prompts, and to how they discriminate the sounds of the language. Given the impossibility of immersion in Seoul, students are now speaking the language every day in and out of class, making them more fluent and keeping them engaged in various contexts.

How do you think Colango has helped you as a teacher?

It’s allowed me to extend the time in which students speak French to after school hours all the while keeping track of their progress.

What advice do you have for new Colango teachers?

Colango is easy to set-up and once you see your students speaking you’ll love it!

Do you have any other information you want to share?

I am pleased with Colango’s development and the improvements they’ve put forth. Their staff respond quickly to inquiries/requests.

What’s your favorite thing about Colango?

That my class is portable and does not require a desk at which my students must work, that its recording apparatus is high quality, that it allows me to capitalise on my students’ most popular use of technology (smartphones), and that it tracks user data.

What effect has using Colango had on your students/classroom?

They speak the language more than they would otherwise.

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