Teacher Spotlight – Yongsan International School of Seoul, Angela Ye- Chinese

27 Apr 2015
by evan

We’re pleased to launch “Colango teacher spotlight,” a new blog series that features a Colango teacher! If you are interested in being featured, please send a note to contact@colango.com.

I’d like to introduce Angela Ye! Angela is a High School Chinese teacher at Yongsan International School in Seoul, South KR.

Why did you start using Colango?

I wanted an easy way to give students speaking and listening homework.  I’m so glad I found Colango because now I can get my students speaking more often, even outside of the classroom!

Tell us how you integrated Colango into your classroom. Are there any interesting projects or examples you’d like to share?

There’s lots of different activities I can use Colango for. For example, I can upload audio files and leave listening assignments; I can share youtube videos and ask students to answer questions by voice recording; I can even give topics and ask students to write short passages.  It’s really opened the type of homework assignments I can give my students!

How do you think Colango has helped you as a teacher?

I think Colango helped me to give more creative homework.  Before, I couldn’t give listening and speaking assignments but now I can with Colango.  I think Colango has also helped reduced the amount of time students have to spend on their homework.

What advice do you have for new Colango teachers?

I was a little worried about learning new technology at first but Colango was really simple and easy to use!  Just give it a try and you will like it!

What’s your favorite thing about Colango?

I like the voice recording feature the best.

What effect has using Colango had on your students/classroom?

Students can finish their homework faster and enjoy it more.  There is much less late homework than before. 

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