Teacher Spotlight- The Bolsover School, Mr. M Drury MFL

27 Apr 2015
by evan

We’re pleased to launch “Colango teacher spotlight,” a new blog series that features a Colango teacher! If you are interested in being featured, please send a note to contact@colango.com.

I’d like to kick off our first spotlight with Mr. M Drury.  Mr. Drury teaches French, German and Spanish at The Bolsover School in Derbyshire, UK!

Why did you start using Colango?

We started using Colango because we wanted a reliable, cross-platform interface for sharing audio and offering fast, convenient feedback to our language learners.

Tell us how you integrated Colango into your classroom. Are there any interesting projects or examples you’d like to share?

I’ve given many tasks, often homework, during which pupils are expected to watch and listen to native speakers on an embedded YouTube clip, answer multiple choice questions, listen to audio recorded by me. I’ve asked them to record their own voice, sometimes provide written answers, undertake dictation exercises and, crucially, it’s very obvious and straightforward to get them to heed feedback (a big deal on the education agenda for us here in the UK).

How do you think Colango has helped you as a teacher?

It’s made me more flexible and encouraged me to try new technology. I’m so glad I did. It’s always nerve-wracking as you don’t want it to go wrong and wreck your lesson and destroy relationships when things get frustrating for the kids, but Colango offers so many rewards that are otherwise hard to come by.

What advice do you have for new Colango teachers?

Do the initial set up in class, with the pupils in front of you – choosing a username, following the teacher, getting them in the right group. Do a test with a sample group just to iron out any creases in your technology provision – I had some laptops with damaged microphones which can be a hurdle. Best to know these things in advance before you go all formal and en masse.

Do you have any other information you want to share?

If you haven’t really delved into using Colango then you’re missing out in a big way! I don’t want to be without it now. I can’t wait until my pupils are a bit more experienced at it – when they can do the simple things quickly this will be an outstanding learning tool.

What’s your favorite thing about Colango?

Out of all the things I love about Colango (there are several) I love the customer service – my suggestions are actively sought and heeded and done so quickly. That’s very important – the tool has to work for the teacher when I teach around 180 different pupils.

What effect has using Colango had on your students/classroom?

They’re more proactive speakers and that’s only going to become even more the case as we develop. It’s less of a big deal for them to record their own voices and, more importantly, reflect upon what they’re recorded.

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