Teacher Spotlight – Lyme Old Lyme Public High School Latin, Lance Piantaggini

06 May 2015
by evan

We’re pleased to launch “Colango teacher spotlight,” a new blog series that features a Colango teacher! If you are interested in being featured, please send a note to contact@colango.com.

I’d like to introduce Lance Piantaggini! Lance Piantaggini is a 9th-12th grade Latin teacher teaching at Lyme Old Lyme Public High School in Connecticut, USA.

Why did you start using Colango?
I was looking for a streamlined learning network specifically for language learning, and finally found something!

Tell us how you integrated Colango into your classroom. Are there any interesting projects or examples you’d like to share?
I used Colango to keep students engaged in the target language at home, as well as provide additional support they could access on their own time. While most homework tends to be product-based, Colango allows my students to receive more understandable messages outside of class, which we know leads to deeper acquisition of the target language.

Do you have any other information you want to share?
Unlike some other learning networks, Colango reports make it easy to identify students who complete assignments and their challenges.

What’s your favorite thing about Colango?
The ability to create dictation activities even if videos lack subtitles.

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