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Give your students more flexibility and power by using Colango to flip your world language classroom! Save your precious classroom time for interacting and helping your students in their specific problem areas. With Colango, you can use online videos or record your own voice lessons to teach students outside of class.  Colango’s Studypost quiz is great for helping narrow down which areas students are lacking. Let’s take a look at how Mr. Lopez is using Colango with his Spanish I class –

Mr. Lopez used a video he found on Youtube to help his student’s learn simple introductory Spanish phrases. Student’s watched the video at home and then recorded their own introduction in the comments below.  If students are shy, they also have the option of recording a private attempt that only Mr. Lopez can see.


In another one of Mr. Lopez’s assignments he uses a Youtube video to help explain the difference between por and para to his students.  Mr. Lopez uses Colango quizzes to test his student’s comprehension of the video.  Judging from these results, Mr. Lopez should spend more class time with Sehyeon and Jinhwan reviewing por v. para concepts.

Quiz Results

What do technology do you use to flip your world language class?

Colango is currently available on Android but will be launched as a web version at the end of January 2015.  If you’re interested in being a Beta tester please email evan@colango.com.



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