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Choose your own adventure with Colango!
One fun way we’ve seen teachers use Colango’s Studypost is by setting up role playing games with their students.  Role playing games can enable students to deal with familiar situations in their new target language.  These games can make language learning fun, reduce inhibitions when speaking and can inspire cultural understanding by forcing students to think differently depending on the scenario.

With Colango, you can take your students on trips to France or somewhere completely imaginary!  They can choose their own adventure or you can take them on a guided journey.  Let’s take a look at how Jan took his students on a trip to his hometown, Gothenburg.

Jan sets up the scenario by recording his voice and adding some necessary sound effects.

The students reply below with voice comments in a “choose your own adventure” style game.


Jan provides his students with feedback and asks them where they want to go next on their Swedish adventure!

Colango is currently available on Android but will be launched as a web version at the end of January 2015.  If you’re interested in being a Beta tester please email

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