3 Language exercises your students will love!


Learning a new language is often difficult and challenging for students.  It can also be tough to find time to fit in fun language activities in the demanding schedule of a daily classroom.  That’s why Colango is here to supercharge your language classroom with fun activities that engage your students even outside of class.  We think your students will love these 3 fun activities!

1.  Tongue twisters

Tongue twisters are a fun way for students to practice their pronunciation skills!  Depending on the tongue twister you choose it can help students drill certain related phonemes or sounds.  A tongue twister is a great way to help students focus on the minor mouth changes required to pronounce certain words.

Read more about the power of tongue twisters and Colango here.

2.  Role playing games
Role playing games is another fun exercise to play with your students.  Role playing games can help students deal with familiar situations in their new target language.  These games can make language learning fun, reduce inhibitions when speaking and can inspire cultural understanding by forcing students to think differently depending on the scenario.  Read more about Role playing games with Colango here.

3.  Blogging
Blogging can be another creative way to engage your students.  Encourage your students to create their own blog posts in their target language or have them follow your blog posts.  Audio blog posts are especially easy to create with the Colango android application.  Just record your voice and post!  Read more about using authentic content with your class here.

What classroom activities do your students love?

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